Read "When it comes to food safety rules, here’s a good example of a bad example " by Dr. William James
Did you read the FDA's final rule on record keeping for food? Find it here:
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Thank you for stopping by! What makes us different from other food safety groups? Our experts! We not only have the food safety science and real world food safety experience, we have over 100 years combined regulatory experience; and that doesn’t even begin to touch on what we offer!

We are the only food safety consulting group that has merged science, regulatory requirements, what can actually be done with computer programming. We don’t just offer our expert insight, ability to quickly resolve your issues, we offer long term solutions that you can afford! Please look at what we offer, look at the competition, and then make your decision, we are confident that you will be calling us!

Food Safety Regulations are changing constantly with the FDA, USDA, FSMA, and other Regulatory agencies. We offer our proprietary We R Food Safety Pro!™ line of Food Safety software - that focuses specifically Food Safety in the regulatory environment. You make a great product however you have a government inspector taking up your time with trivial record keeping issues, Food Safe Pro!TM is your solution!

Please check out our complete line of Food Safe Pro software products below designed for businesses of any size and any budget!

  • Food Safety: From the Ground Up / Mar 13 2014

    When I interned at We R Food Safety last summer, I did a LOT of beta testing and helped with many small technology oriented projects. When I returned in December to work full time for the company, I expected to do more of the same. When I returned, my first project was an abridged version of the FDA Food Code. This was different than the work I /...

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